A Deep Dive Underwater: Exploring Marine Animal’s Life

About 70% of Earth is made of the ocean. Thousands of animals and plants live inside the ocean, but do you know what they are? Come, hop into my submarine and I will show you life under the water. But, don’t tell anyone about our submarine conspira-sea!!

Many researchers believe that the first animal life originated in the water. Today we will what kinds of animals are found deep in the sea.

1. The sponges

These are called so because they very much look like sponges. These are the first animals formed in the course of evolution. They are always attached to the sea bed as they can’t move.

A peculiar example of this category is the world-famous SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Other examples are Spongilla and Euspongia (Bath Sponge)

2. The dainty but deadly

Some of the daintiest creatures in the sea are deadliest to small fish and shrimp. Two main creatures fall into this category called “cnidarians”; they are jellyfish and sea anemones. Both look like pretty flowers, but they sting their prey with poison. The sea anemone lives on the bottom of the sea and it can move slowly (it prefers to stay in one spot). The jellyfish is like a see-through umbrella with long strings hanging down. It swims by opening and closing the body.

3. The Charming Coral reefs

It is an underwater ecosystem consisting of huge colonies of coral polyps. Coral polyps are just like the sea anemone, flowery and pretty to look at. Small buds build stone cups year after year. Inside each cup is a little flower-like animal called polyps. Many stone cups stuck together to form a coral and many corals form a reef of corals.

4. The Magnificent Mollusks

Imagine having a soft body, with no backbone to hold you up and only one foot to help you move. That’s what mollusks are. They have soft bodies with no skeleton. Examples of mollusks living in the ocean are oysters, sea slugs, squids, octopuses, and scallops.

A real live sea monster: Octopus is an eight-legged mollusk with two huge staring eyes. It looks so scary to some people that it is sometimes called devilfish. But, they rarely attack people. They use their strong arms to catch shellfish and swim away from danger. Some kinds have a poisonous bite. When octopuses are frightened they produce a cloud of inky fluid which makes the enemies hard to see through or smell the octopus. That’s how the octopus gets away.

5. The fantastic fish

The most common fish found at the great depths of the sea is the lantern fish. Other common fish found are the clownfish or popularly known as “Nemo”, viperfish, anglerfish, eels, and also batfish. The deepest fish found in the ocean is the Mariana Snailfish, discovered by an international team of researchers. This fish thrives at depths of 8000 meters along the Mariana trench in the western pacific ocean.

6. Mammals of the deep sea

Mammals are the animals that give birth to young ones or don’t lay eggs. They are usually found on land, but there are some exceptionally skilled mammals found in the deep sea. Whales and seals are the most found in this category. They can stay underwater for a long time, but they occasionally rise above the water to breathe. Whales look so much like fish that many people think it is fish. But they are mammals, they have hair, they are warm-blooded and their babies drink mother’s milk. Seals spend most of their time in the water.

7. The Cute Crustaceans

Many kinds of arthropods live in the sea. Lobsters, shrimps, crabs, and barnacles are among them. They are called crustaceans because they have bodies with crusts like armor. Lobsters have 10 legs, out of which 8 of them are used for walking and the other 2 act like arms to catch prey. Shrimps are small lobsters. Barnacles fasten themselves to rocks or the bottom of ships and submarines.

8. Starry creatures

What kind of animal has eyes and feet on its arms and pushes its stomach out of its body when it eats? A Starfish!

Starfish have tough-skinned bodies shaped like a star. They usually have five arms, sometimes more. When it’s hungry, the starfish pulls a clam’s shell apart and puts its stomach into the shell, and digests the clam.

💭If a starfish loses an arm, it grows a new one! In fact, if it’s split into two halves, each part can turn into a starfish! It’s no magic, but it’s pure science.


This brings us to the end of our deep dive to the ocean on our submarine! This marine drive taught us about the variety of deep-sea creatures like sponges, anemones, jellyfish, snailfish, whales, crabs, etc.

Due to exceeding industrialization, these creatures are in constant danger. So it is our duty to save them, protect them from our evil deeds, so that we can together live on a planet where each and every life is happy.

Thanks for reading!

Tell me your favorite creature amongst all in the comments!




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